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Buono e Fresco Authentic Italian Takeaway

Buono e Fresco is a family business based in the heart of Wolverhampton. They are focused on consistency, quality, and excellent customer service.

Their concept of an Italian takeaway or grab-and-go pizzeria using naturally fermented dough that is made fresh daily is a new idea. This means the dishes they make are unique in Wolverhampton (and maybe even in the UK). They are focused on the quality of the product, fresh local ingredients, and even offering some seasonal specials when the produce is at its very best.


Website Maintenance

Website Hosting


Buono e Fresco is an Italian takeaway in the heart of Wolverhampton serving a wide range of fresh dishes including fresh cheese wheel pasta, fresh lasagne and fresh pizza made with fresh dough.

They asked EPR Marketing to create a website that showcases the full menu available as well as the approach to fresh local ingredients and authentic Italian flavours.

EPR Marketing created a website that highlighted the fresh daily made pizza and authentic Italian ingredients that Buono e Fresco combine with local ingredients to create their dishes.

I integrated Instagram and Facebook feeds to showcase the daily updates that Buono e Fresco shares as well as including a search feature that allows visitors to quickly find items that meet their dietary or allergen requirements. The menu page showcases the full menu of Pizzas, Desserts, Neapolitan Pannuzzo Sandwiches and Lasagna.

The website was built using WordPress so that in the future, additions can be made without drastic changes being required to the base site.

Buono e Fresco New Website
Buono e Fresco New Website Social Feeds
Buono e Fresco New Website on mobile
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