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About EPR Marketing

Elliot Rushton

When not at work you will more than likely find me huddled under the bonnet of my car. Pushing myself beyond my own boundaries and learning new skills at the same time.

Associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing
MSc in Marketing Management
Google Ads Partner
Google Search Ads Qualified
Google Display Ads Qualified
Google Shopping Ads Qualified
Google Video Ads Qualified

Photo of Elliot Rushton, the freelance digital marketer, smiling with crossed arms.

Freelance Digital Marketing Services


Website Design

Pay Per Click

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Telford | Email Marketing Shropshire | EmailMarketing UK

Social Media

Why Choose EPR Marketing?

I have also been featured on Goodfirms, DesignRush and Clutch showing a commitment to offering straightforward marketing services backed by customer service. There are also these great reviews that past and present customers have left.

Latest Blog Posts and Updates

Clutch Recognizes EPR Marketing as a Game-Changing Content Marketing Company in the United Kingdom

It goes without saying, but content is king. This is especially true for digital marketing and advertising, content can make or break your campaigns. That’s why it is crucial to get professional help when making content! Partnering with an experienced and expert content marketing company can boost your marketing efforts significantly. EPR Marketing is the perfect outsourced support for you!

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Woman posting her sales from her online ecommerce business

4 Simple SEO Tips to Get More Business

It’s common for small businesses to struggle with marketing. With limited time and budgets, it’s hard to dedicate resources to growing your own customer base and industry reputation, even if you are the best at what you do. Small businesses can overcome these limitations through the power of 3 important letters: SEO. This can range from minor to drastic website overhauls

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Digital and Social Media Marketing services including SEO, website design, hosting, and Google Ads throughout Telford, Shropshire and the West Midlands

The Different Types Of Digital Marketing

Like traditional marketing, digital marketing has many avenues and platforms that can be used to grow your business. Social Media Not just for uploading pictures of your breakfast or reading conspiracy theories in the comments section of news articles. Social media is an extremely effective way to market your business to a huge audience. So much so that 97% of

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