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Engage And Interact With Your Target Audience Through Social Media Marketing!

Social media is a powerful tool that offers businesses a unique way to engage and interact with their audience and customers. We spend a lifetime average of over 5 years on social media, that’s a lot of time. So, as a digital marketing platform, social media allows you to communicate your brand message, develop an identity for your business, as well as utilising this tool helps get your marketing messages in front of potential customers.

I believe that social media can create a more authentic tone of voice for your brand. Posting content regularly that is informative and engaging will help you to stand out on the competitive and fast-paced social platforms and help you grow your business.

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Why Outsource Your Social Media Marketing?

The average user spends 142 minutes a day on social media. 
Why wouldn’t you use social media?

Maximising your social media presence is as important as ever for businesses looking to grow.

When you only have a certain amount of time to spend each day growing your presence on social media, every post counts.

To make sure it is spent in an efficient way you need to be sharing posts regularly throughout the week to engage your customers. This can be a huge drain on your internal resources. 

Why Do You Need Social Media?

Raises brand awareness

Regular posts mean you’ll increase visibility and recognition from your audience.

Connects you with your customers

Curated content, researched hashtags and bespoke posts allow customers to interact with your business and expand your organic reach. 

Legitimises your business and provides authority

Potential customers often weigh up brands based on their social media presence. A lack of posts gives the impression your business isn’t operating. Regular posts will reassure them.

You remain competitive

Your competitors might already be active on social media. It is essential to match them. But we’ll help you do better and stand out from the crowd of businesses. 

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You're In The Spotlight.
Not Me.

Your business is front and centre of my social media packages. As it should be. It’s your account. Your data. In fact it’s like you are posting yourself. 

I offer a fully managed social media marketing service based on your businesses needs and take away that strain from you. From design through to publishing for you using a recognised third-party system to share posts to your profiles as though it was yourself.

I have a flexible, friendly, hands-on approach and would love to help your business get the full visibility you deserve.

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