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4 Steps to Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Visits

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for networking with potential customers as well as keeping abreast of the latest changes going on in industry.

While it is most commonly used for searching for and identifying leads would it not be better to have those leads come to you so that your focus can be on serving their needs rather than seeking them out.

Likes, comments and shares get your posts in front of more eyes. Which is great but being able to get people to take an action on your profile will be more meaningful.

Step 1: Update Your Headline

Your LinkedIn headline is possibly the single most important aspect of your profile. It is the first part that visitors will see (that isn’t your name) and is your first chance for you to encourage them to interact with your profile.

This can help you showcase your personality and identify your target audience to visitors.

Step 2: Have A Posting Schedule

Being able to provide your visitors with regular updates at specific times means that they will become accustomed to seeing your posts on those days. Identifying when you are going to post can be trial and error as well as continually creating content on a regular basis.

I find it easiest to sit down in two sessions each week, the first is a brainstorming session which might cover topics for the week or the month; the second is where I write each post.

This makes sure that I am consistently able to post on the platform.

Step 3: Targeted Requests

Sending out connection requests to people that you want to work with is an excellent way of building your followers list (connections automatically become followers). By having a targeted plan as to who you are going to connect to will allow you to build an engaged audience who will see value in your posts and therefore will be more likely to engage with your profile.

It is up to you whether you attach a message to your connection request. I personally like to adapt each one to the individual, especially if they have engaged with one of my posts, after-all LinkedIn is a networking platform and by providing this message you are able to give them another reason to accept your request and then engage with you rather than just forgot about who you are and why you are on their list.

Whereas some people like to let their past content speak to their potential connections as to why they should accept their request.

Step 4: Be Social

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social media platform. The word social being key here. If all you are doing is producing content and pushing this out to your followers then you are unlikely to get any engagement.

Leaving insightful comments, contributing to discussions and conversations will allow you to engage beyond your own content. Searching using hashtags with your area of expertise or interest will allow you contribute more naturally and allow you to share your understanding and point of view.

Top Tip

Try to leave meaningful engagement with 10 pieces of content (that isn’t your own) before 10 am.

By getting into this daily habit you will become more recognisable and become more visible within the LinkedIn algorithm by being a regular contributor.

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