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The Tesla “Failure/Success” Model

Tesla (and Elon Musk) have shown two things in the last week.

You don’t need a massive budget to draw sales

Marketers seem to be constantly measured against the budget that they have to manage.

Why? Is it really a sign of success being able to spend huge amounts of money for results. Surely it is more of an achievement to be efficient when spending money but still achieving growth.

Elon Musk shows how personality can grow a business

Yes he has been scrutinised over some of his actions. But it still does not deny that he draws people into his vision. More importantly he keeps them there. So I’m not surprised to see the Cybertruck being talked about.

Yes I’ve seen the picture of the two cracked windows with Elon Musk stood in front. And yes it has been shared thousands of times as a case of “product failure”. But I see it as a case of marketing success.

For one reason.

By being shareable and a “failure” it has built awareness of the Cybertruck outside of EV enthusiasts, Tesla diehards and Elon Musk Fans. It has got people talking about the Cybertruck and if Mr Musks tweets are anything to go by it evidently hasn’t hit the order book but boosted it.

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