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5 Digital Marketing Mistakes to avoid

Simple mistakes are easy to make when running a small business and juggling different roles. But luckily most can be easily avoided or rectified should something go wrong. A few common mistakes that can be easily avoided are:

Not Having a Strong Web Presence

The internet allows SME’s to access a single worldwide resource that can work for you 24/7 for a very low cost. So why not use it to your advantage. A strong web presence will be positive and long-lasting that relies on being proactive rather than reactive.

This goes beyond just your website and includes aspects such as social media and local pack marketing. These can all help to push your business further up the rankings and allow you to manage the narrative around your business.  

Purpose/ Communication

Have you ever been on to a website where its difficult to understand what the business does?

Being able to clearly communicate your purpose on your website solves two issues. Your visitors will know what you do quickly and be able to get to the important information that they need as to whether they will purchase from you. Secondly, this intent is found by search engines which helps you to show up for search queries that your target audience are using and therefore getting more people to your site. A lot of small businesses spend more time worrying about how the website looks rather than does it do the job that it is there for, which is getting customers to buy or contact you?

Maintain engagement and collect data

Being able to engage directly with your customers is a crucial part of your ability to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

There is a reason that conversational marketing and sales have taken off so well. It’s because it makes customers feel like the engagement is happening organically and allows you to gather the necessary data that you need, even the smallest piece of data, whether that is an email or phone number for your mailing list, can help you to build a profile of your customers.

Old is gold

Keeping an existing customer is cheaper than attracting a new one. So why not invest in that relationship and keep them coming back to you. Simple CRM techniques, monitoring your website analytics and traffic will let you keep an eye out for customers that are returning and whether you are keeping them engaged when they are on your site. You will also be able to further understand what your customers are interested in.

There’s a reason that things are free.

It’s all too easy to be wooed by free. However, often the long term effects of that “free” activity can cause more damage than paying for a solution in the first place. Whilst when you are initially starting out that free website will seem great, by investing more in your online presence with a well-built website you will set the foundations for your businesses success.

The good news is that these mistakes can be easily avoided and in most cases easily rectified. What is crucial is making sure that you focus on the tools that will keep your business growing as well as being time-effective for you. But that will be another post.

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