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What are your social aims?

Social aims come in many types it can range from what are you doing for society and your local community.

There is also the aims behind being on social media.

People flock to social media for one of three reasons; to be entertained, to be informed, or to be inspired. If you aren’t doing one of these things then you will find that you aren’t getting the traction your business deserves.

Take an external look at your business.

In particular at your social media profiles.

What reason do your followers, or your target audience have to share your posts? Without a compelling reason based in one of the three factors above you can be creating amazing content and spending fortunes to do so.

All without making a dent in your audience’s mindset.

Achieving this isn’t going to go without a significant amount of trial and error, getting to know what your audience likes and then doubling down on creating that type of content whilst trialling new types alongside.

Being brave with your content is key, so if you are 70% sure then go for it. Social media is a steep learning curve and it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

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