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Ad of the week: Mint Mobile

AgencyMaximum Effort Productions
ClientMint Mobile

What do you do if your owner is one of the funniest actors going.

You put him front and centre of your advertising. Simple.

That is precisely what Mint Mobile have done. Pre-pandemic they were in the process of filming an “epic first commercial”, according to Ryan Reynolds who bought the company in November.

Instead of what he had planned-which apparently included a roaring tiger and woodsy flyover shot- Reynolds filmed himself presenting a slideshow to demonstrate the perks of Mint Mobile.

Reynolds starts the presentation with the standard product oversights (it’s just $15 a month, there are no retail stores, unlimited calls and texts nationwide), before going off the rails.

Several thank you slides are squeezed into the presentation which are directed toward no one in particular, and his screen share prior to starting the presentation reveals a chaotic desktop including folders titled “Bad-Blake-Photos,” “Books to Say I’ve Read,” and several homages to his Canadian heritage, like a document filled with his favorite royal Canadian horses. The slides also show a pie chart that suggests 60% of his movies have plot holes. Toward the end, he shows a short clip of his mom telling him that she’s proud.

While it is an odd time to be creating content, having someone who is at home with self-deprecating humor at the helm certainly helps.

Reynolds will be looking to replicate the marketing success that he has had with his first foray into business ownership with Aviation Gin. These have resulted in a number of stunts for the brand including a partnership with Hugh Jackman.

The promotion for Mint Mobile by comparison has been comparatively low-key compared to the stunts for Aviation Gin. This will no doubt be the first of more hilarious adverts from Mint Mobile.

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