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Ad of the Week: The Social Distancing Whopper

AgencyWunderman Thompson, Italy
ClientBurger King Italy

During this period Burger King have been producing some truly brilliant and simple pieces of creative content.

The last campaign the Quarantine Whopper was simple in breaking down their best selling products so that you can make them at home.

The newest called the “Social Distancing Whopper” from the fast-food giants’ Italian operation has taken the notion that eating onions keeps people away from you and adds three times the number of onions to their Whopper to keep people further away from you.

The new ad is shown in both a short video and static imagery with the final line in the advert being “The triple onion Whopper that helps others stay away”.

Whilst for marketers the recent creativity of Burger King has been great. However, the true measure of its success is whether it increases resonance with their customers and broader target audience. And judging by a number of comments on social media from marketers and the public alike the impact comes down to one thing. 

Starting with the Mouldy Whopper and now this. Why is Burger King seemingly so hell-bent on making their food look inedible?

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