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Ad of the Week: Never Too Far Down

AgencyWieden + Kennedy Portland

With top-level sports slowly being given the go-ahead from governments and ruling organisations to resume. It is poignant that Nike has chosen this moment to remind us about the feelings of being a fan.

This ad ‘Never Too Far Down” continues the “You Can’t Stop Us” campaign from Nike. The short film is narrated by LeBron James and aired during Tiger Woods’ return to the golf course.

Focussing heavily on its top athletes who have reach the pinnacle of their sports only to fall through injury or poor form and then build themselves back to the top, Nike’s advert speaks of the thrill of experiencing disbelief and then choosing how you will respond to the setback.

The advert is also a testament to the force of human spirit where regardless of how far down we are, we are never too low that we can’t come back.

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