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Ad of the Week: Locked Down and Out

So for this week’s Ad of the Week, I have chosen the recent spot by The Gate who has worked with the LGBT Foundation who are based in the UK and who since 1975 has been working to drive change within society so that all lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people can achieve their full potential.

What has struck me most about this spot is the range of emotions that are on display throughout.

From the initial clip where the main focus is on providing beauty tips to an online audience, to quite quickly showing how the initial actress is ostracised by her own family simply for being transgender despite continuing to live under the same roof.

Lockdown has affected everyone in some way; however, the LGBTQ community has suffered more than most, with abuse more than doubling since lockdown has begun with more than 38% more calls being received by the LGBT Foundations helpline.

These calls have included, mental health difficulties and hate crimes from family members which have resulted in a 25% increase in suicidal ideation being dealt with by the crisis helpline.

AgencyThe Gate
ClientLGBT Foundation

If you want to find out more or make a donation to the excellent work that is being done by the LGBT Foundation click here.

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