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Ad of the Week: Secretlab

Everyone in business knows that keeping customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones.

Some companies are choosing to use these existing customers to reach their new customers in a low cost and eye catching way, that promotes customer advocacy as the driving force.

Effectively turning customers into a huge marketing channel.

Simply focusing on the acquisition of new customers we so often forget about harnessing their goodwill to help get the word out.

Word of mouth truly is the most effective channel of all.

Secretlab extended warranty program

Secretlab have chosen to reach more customers through the social feeds of their own customers. Simply offering an extended 5-year warranty on their 2020 series. Not only does this have a lack of actions required by the customer to take part, it also provides the customer with additional peace of mind.

The lack of required actions is a huge part of this where the fewer barrier that are in place to your customers engaging the better, afterall no one wants to have to fill in overly complex forms that then are restricted by a number of conditions.

Simplicity is key when involving your customers in your marketing.

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