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Ad of the Week: Vision Express

There are more and more COVID restriction being opened up in the UK. In turn, this has meant that brands are now launching campaigns to entice people to visit stores and try new products.

My personal favourite so far is the website banner from Vision Express. If you wear or have seen people who wear glasses and masks, you will know how much the lenses steam up.

Alongside their range of glasses, Vision Express also offer contact lenses. It is this route that they are looking to engage with their websites visitors by placing a not so subtle reminder of the condensation issues that wearers will have.

Vision express 2020 Contact Lens ad

Simple showing the issue that many of their customers will be having at the moment, and then showing the incentive. What I like about this is its simplicity and specific targeting of its customers as well as providing a solution to a common problem.

Showing the solution to a problem that many of their customers does two things. Firstly, it narrows the target audience to those who are having these specific issues. Secondly, it increases the appeal to this audience rather than trying to pitch them a generic message.

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