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4 Ways To Use Instagram Reels For Your Business

Instagram Reels launched a couple of weeks ago in the UK as a direct competitor (read as copy-cat) of TikTok.

With many businesses having established presences on Instagram, Reels offers the opportunity for huge growth and engagement. So, below I have put the 4 ways that you can use Instagram Reels to grow your business.

1. Case Studies

Showcase your past work with videos and text in a more engaging and concise way. Where you would normally take a 5-minute video on Youtube to explain a project, you will find that a much shorter and less in-depth video on Reels will expand your audience.

2. Educational Content

If you have a complex product. A one minute or even 30 second video on Reels will let you teach your audience in bitesize chunks that are easy to understand.

3. Your business story

Show the personality behind the company. The story of your company is unique and gives you the opportunity to break it down based on each year you have been operating or significant milestones in your company’s history.

4. Behind the scenes

Whether it is a blockbuster movie or a business event, people love to see the inner workings and behind the scene action that goes into the finished article. So if you have an event coming up or simply doing something different in the office, videoing it in quick bursts and showing the work/fun that people won’t often see will be perfect on Reels.

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