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Brand Voice: How to talk to your customers

A quick lesson on brand voice and how to talk to your customers:

If you’re still sending emails that begin “Dear valued customer”, hate to break it to you but you’re doing it wrong.

Your customer doesn’t feel valued (surprise surprise)

In fact there’s no quicker way to show them that you couldn’t give a monkeys about ’em.

It’s 2020. People don’t want personalisation, they expect it.

🤔 So what can you do?

Get personal, get straight to the point or get creative.

Remember — when sliding into someone’s inbox, you’re asking this person to stop what they’re doing and read your email. If it’s a load of waffle, you can bet they’ll be miffed.

And unless you define your brand voice as ‘corporate gibberish’ leave the jargon at the door:

🔴Make it all about you
🔴Use 2 words where 1 will do (or 13 where 4 would do)
🔴Dress up bad news (or no news) as good news
🔴Write like a Victorian nobleman

🟢Focus on your customer and explain (clearly) what’s in it for them
🟢Use simple, straightforward language
🟢Talk directly to your customer (‘you’ and ‘your’)
🟢Personalise, personalise, personalise
🟢Write how your customers speak

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