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Insane Black Friday Deals – Do we need them?

Pretty Little Thing selling select items of clothing at 99% off might just be one of the biggest sales seen on this years’ Black Friday.

Not only will most of these clothes end up in landfills (since 11 million items of clothing end up in UK landfills each week), but this continues to perpetuate the consumerist ideal that we always need more – especially when it’s a “bargain”.

While selling clothes for 4p might come at a low cost to you, this is coming at an incredibly high cost to the garment workers in countries like Bangladesh.

Instead of marketing clothes at ridiculous prices, we need brands to step up ethically and protect workers or be transparent about why their costs are set so low.

Is your 4p clothing worth workers and their families going hungry, just so you can have a bargain? Companies respond to consumer demand, so personal choices regarding where you shop have a bigger impact than you might think.

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