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Why marketing is important for your business

Marketing ties into digital which ties into web development and IT.

And whilst today almost anything requires media output to get attention, so it’s off to the videographers, animators or photographers.

All this investment needs a return, so in comes the sales team to sell your product.

This income needs to be tracked and reported so off to finance.

Now off to the executive team who will want to review the reports generated by marketing, sales and accounts to decide if the project was a success.

At the same time marketing capture and translate any internal steps taken by the brand that add more value to the product/service/brand/consumer.

Including developments taken by the product design team who are making version 2.0 based on all the market insights like advances in technology, changes in user demands/behaviour.

Then back to advertising these upgrades.

This revolving circle of business processes can start anywhere but without one part of it the whole thingbegins to fall apart.

Marketing is such an important part of your business that should be ongoing rather than being used as and when you think you need it.

It should not be an after thought. Don’t put it to the bottom of your agenda if you want your business to thrive.

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