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Documercials: are they worth it?

All or Nothing Spurs

Man City


Docummercials. The somewhat unholy marriage of documentaries and commercials have been broadcast for a long time. However, with the rise of streaming services, these programs seem to have been taken to a whole new level.

Under the guise of being a behind-the-scenes documentary, these thinly veiled commercials heavily split opinion amongst viewers. None are more evident than Missguided: Made in Manchester, which barring the overt propaganda tone, gives its viewers an insight (albeit a jaded and heavily edited one), of the day to day work in its offices.

Despite the numerous negative comments across social media, the show can be seen as a win for Missguided. This is in stark contrast to the impact of a report released just weeks before which showed abuse of workers in the Leicester clothing industry.

Whilst the show did manage to touch on these issues the overarching theme was very much the glossy “look how amazing we are”.

This is the same for many of these documentaries that go behind the scenes. They focus on the good and the bad, but only so long as they come out on the other end looking better than they did going in.

Other docummercials have chose to go a different way and act as a bridge to close the gaps with their customers and fans.

This outlook has seen sports teams such as Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspurs release Amazon original series’ that go behind the scenes over the period of a season. This then allows their fans to feel like they are closer to the team, as well as get much needed

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