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Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts For Advertising Your Business Online

When advertising your business online, content marketing is not entirely rocket science. However, there are of course things to avoid otherwise known as “don’ts” as well as things you want to focus on otherwise known as “do’s”.

As you write more and become more effective at promoting your business you will begin to find that the best performing content is made up of a lot of “do’s” and not a lot of “don’ts”

Let’s Start With A Number Of “Don’ts”

* Never begin your rough draft with the phrase “The following article is about gardening,” (or whatever it happens to focus on). Always begin by using a thought-provoking problem or bold statement. The concept would be to draw your audience in and make them want to understand more about what you have published. Plus, it makes it much easier to continue writing. 

* Never make your article too long. Shorter ones tend to be more powerful with fewer chances of your reader becoming bored/ lost in your article.

* You should not turn your written article into a big product sales message. Steer clear of this process, it won’t improve your results. Your readers are searching for true information or, precisely what could this do for me personally? They are not looking for hyped-up ad copy.

* You should never overly cram keywords and phrases into the articles. The various search engines aren’t keen on it, so all of the work you have put into crafting the article is wasted. 

* Don’t confuse your readers by starting off a sentence and never answering it or not identifying the resolution in the article.

Now For The “Do’s” For Advertising Your Business Online

* Discuss the ideas that you’re experienced in or you have expertise in. When you possess experience with a certain subject, it always shows in your writing. This shows you as a knowledge leader whose products/services will make a difference. 

* Proofread your article! Then proofread it once again checking for spelling and grammar errors before posting it on the internet.

* You should always include a professional bio box with your article. Attempt to help make the reader interested in what else you provide. This is particularly important if you are guest posting on another website, such as an industry magazine or opinion column which is not linked to your company. Otherwise, no one will know how to contact you. 

* Regularly write articles and submit them to directories and websites. You should not stop at just submitting to a tiny handful. It’s going to take many submissions for you to benefit from it.

* Pay attention to your article statistics. Which ones are getting you the most traffic? You should promote or showcase those specific articles somehow, and if you can build on the success with more similar (but not the same articles).

There you have it, some simple do’s and don’ts of using content marketing to advertise your business online. If you don’t work marketing the proper way, then you’re wasting your time. You can write the best pieces in the world, however, if they’re not represented correctly, or you don’t follow the basic tips above, you are also wasting your readers time. Why not do it the proper way, to begin with?

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