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Top Social Media Campaigns: November 2021

The countdown to Christmas is now well underway. As such, the top social media campaigns for November remains largely focused on Christmas and Black Friday campaigns as retailers battle it out for a cut of what is set to be a record festive consumer spending spree.

Additionally, there have been a number of charity activations from the likes of Movember and Women’s Aid, bringing their causes into the spotlight ahead of the season of giving.

Here they are

Twitter: Twitter Blue

Twitter has launched a social-first activation outlining its key features, to push its new Blue subscription to eligible users in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Twitter Blue allows account holders to view articles ad-free, organise Bookmarked tweets into folders and undo tweets, among other additional tools. All for just a few dollars a month.

The ad, shared on social media, mirrors an eighties workout video and features four prominent comedic tweeters: Dana Donnelly, Meg Stalter, Boman and Prance. Together, they flex their fingers in preparation for a Twitter experience that’s “faster, stronger, harder and smarter”, while demonstrating the benefits of the subscription service.

This light-hearted and humorous approach matches that of the comedians and much of the Twitter community, as Twitter looks to encourage its Millennial and Gen Z audience to sign up to Blue.

Women’s Aid: Spot The Abuse

Charity Women’s Aid released its brand-new campaign called “Spot The Abuse”. The 2-minute film was shared to its social media accounts and spoofs a TV game show in which female contestants answer whether or not scenarios described by the host count as forms of abusive behaviour.

The bright and garish environment combine with the serious topic to create a rather uncomfortable juxtaposition which only makes the film more arresting and engaging to watch.

The Ads host outlines several instances of coercive control to highlight how abuse does not always present itself through physical injury, and can instead be something as simple as controlling what your partner wears or who they are allowed to socialise with.

The campaign was unveiled in conjunction with the UN’s International Day for The Elimination of Violence Against Women on November 25th.

Aldi: A Christmas Carrot

The annual battle of the Christmas Ads has once more arrived with aplomb. But it is clear to see that Aldi’s social team won the battle of engagement by receiving nearly 45,000 interactions with its launch tweet containing the ad. Aldi’s ‘A Christmas Carrot’ ranked a fairly close second, raking in 28% of mentions on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

The take on the Dickens’ classic ‘A Christmas Carol’ places Ebanana Scrooge at centre stage. If you look closely throughout you will see the references to previous social media campaigns as Cuthbert the Caterpillar is arrested by “Sour” Lemons.

The continuation of the tale will certainly be anticipated.

Philips x Movember: Right Under Your Nose

Electronics company Philips has partnered with Movember to support its mission to improve men’s health, whether that be mental health and suicide prevention or awareness of common cancers.

In a social-first campaign, aptly named ‘Right Under Your Nose’, a series of very short, tongue-in-cheek spots outline the simple ways each and every man can look after their own health and support the wider Movember cause at the same time. Advice ranges from having conversations about these important topics with friends to contacting your doctor for over-50 PSA tests and regularly checking yourself for any abnormalities.

“Changing the face of men’s health is simpler than you think,” the brand’s website states, “The solution is right under your nose.”

Alongside the ads, Philips has also been uploading a series of posts it calls ‘Meet a Mo’, which feature different styles of moustaches for Movember inspiration, each coinciding with one of its social ad spots.

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