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How To Maximise Your Reach With Batch Content Creation

Consistently posting on social media is a challenge in itself. From generating ideas and creating posts through to persevering and not getting disheartened when you don’t get the success you thought you might. That’s where creating your batch creating content comes in.

Taking the time to plan and then create content in batches can really help maintain a consistent output on social media and create an engaged audience. If you are on a tight budget then making the most of the content you do create is key.

How Batch Content Creation Can Help You

The benefits of batch content creation are two fold; first you create enough content for a week if not a month in a short period of time that saves you time down the line. Secondly the content you create helps you to stay consistent on social media and (in the case of video) can be shared repeatedly to keep you ahead of the dreaded algorithms.

A perfect example of how batch content works is writing one blog post which can then be used as a script for a long form video. You could choose to do this the other way around. Use the transcript fro the video as a blog post (with a bit of editing, of course).

The video can then be clipped into bitesize chunks for social media as well as clipping the original blog post into numerous social media posts.

So from the original piece of content (the blog post or video), you are able to create anywhere from 10 to 20 pieces of content in a short period of time.

All of this helps to make the most of what you have created and stay consistent across platforms while freeing up additional time to push forward.

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