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Why Do SEOs Optimise For Google Search Engine First

Google. Bing. Ecosia. DuckDuckGo. There are a whole host of search engines out there that are used by people to find information daily. So, why is it that whenever you contact a marketing company or freelancer they only talk about Google?

In short, it’s because, in the same way, that Hoover became the go-to term for vacuum cleaners, Google has become the go-to word for searching for information online. How often do you hear the term ‘Google it’?

Googles Search Engine Market Share

Google is by far the dominant global search engine, and it’s not even close. Google processes almost 93% of the searches compared to just 3% for Bing, the next biggest search engine. The top six search engines account for 99.16% of the global searches that take place.

Search Engine Market share - December 2022
Google dominates the global search engine rankings with almost 93% of searches.

Why Do SEOs Focus On Google

This high level of dominance is why marketers and in particular SEOs tend to over-focus on Google. Not because of an industry-wide bias against all other search engines, but simply because Google is the biggest and has the most impact on the daily working lives of businesses throughout the world. It makes sense to optimise your website for the search engine that sends you the most traffic and in the vast majority of cases, that search engine is Google.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Search Engine Market Share

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