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Introducing Bard as Google releases competitor to ChatGPT

Google has finally announced their own ChatGPT competitor, so you will soon be chatting with Google to get your results. Introducing Google Bard.

I can see the SEO industry panicking about Google’s Bard.

It can be the end of organic search results.

I can reassure you it won’t be.

People will still need in-depth content about most topics.

We still need images and illustrations about problems and solutions.

We still need the above to be supported by in-depth videos and explanations.

People still need services.

People still need products.

People still need entertainment.

Google has released a version of their conversational AI called Bard that will use artificial intelligence to generate answers to queries.

Remember, a large proportion of ChatGPT users are content creators that want to generate articles that they want to rank on Google 😅

Will content creation change?

Hell yeah!

But it’s for the good.

Content that is of the highest quality, will stand out and get more attention.

Content that is the most entertaining will stand out, and get more attention.

Content that proves expertise, in-depth research and provides unique value, will stand out and get more attention.

Bard is not the SEO killer.

It will simply weed out the unnecessary fluff in content creation.

SEO is dead. Long live SEO and long live quality content creation.

Content that stands out.

Content that provides extreme value.

Content that people want to click on.

The future is exciting 🔥

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