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Threads Engagement Has Cratered

Threads might be suffering from a lack of identity and are being seen as just the Twitter ‘clone’.

There have been successes already, the platform has reached 100 million signups in less than a week. This was driven by sign-up being easy and users being able to import their existing Instagram details over.

A lot has been said about Threads.

The feed is chaotic and users are seeing posts primarily from people and pages they don’t follow.

But it seems that people are already getting bored of Threads.

In less than two weeks.

Sensor Tower and Similarweb indicate that Threads has seen a drop off in attention from users with time spent on the app falling by 50% from 20 minutes to 10 minutes.

The number of daily active users also dropped fell 50% from 20 minutes to 10 minutes.

There was always going to be a drop as new users signed up to explore the new platform in the first few days. But a lack of identity that makes it stand out as different from what is already available seems to be hurting it already. 

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