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5 Reasons To Use A Social Media Calendar

Social media calendars are necessary to create a solid base for your social media routine to run smoothly. Here are the main reasons why incorporating one into your business strategy is an excellent idea.

1. It Helps You Optimize Your Time

Planning has many perks. It allows you to stay focused and have a clearer idea of what your actions will be in a determined period. Of course, building and updating your social media calendar requires time and effort, but not as much as pulling posts out of your sleeve at random times could.

Ultimately, using a simple organization tool will help you avoid working double, which will free your time for other important tasks.

With your regular operation out of the way, you’ll also have more time for posting about sudden news and events. In addition, you’ll have more time to think about posts that are relevant to your audience and will increase engagement.

2. It Allows You to Post More Consistently and Ambitiously

In social media, consistency is everything. Otherwise, it’s a lot harder to build and maintain a loyal following. Your audience expects to see content from you with a certain frequency, and posting willy-nilly just won’t do it for them in most cases. You need to show up for your followers.

If you’re looking to increase engagement and organic reach across your Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter – or any other social media networks, for that matter – social media management will get you there faster. The consistency you can achieve by crafting a social media master plan can also help you crack the algorithm to get in front of the right eyes.

Having a social media calendar is also an excellent way to stay on the right track when running multiple campaigns across numerous channels. Knowing your schedule is the easiest way to ensure every piece gets posted in time exactly where it should. Additionally, planning lets you look at the bigger picture and incorporate more ambitious actions into your strategy.

3. It Gives You More Time for Spellcheck and Quality Control

When you randomly post content on your social media accounts you’re more prone to make mistakes. Planning allows you to double-check your copy and correct it if necessary before it reaches your audience. Copy-editing and fact-checking are excellent ways to keep your posts’ quality up. This will generate a lot more credibility among your followers and make you look more professional.

Nowadays, it’s common for social media posts to have a full creative team behind them. Planning your content on a social media calendar lets all parties involved to be on the same page to ensure all posts are spot on. Moreover, it gives you time to run all content across the board to guarantee nothing even slightly off-brand sees the light.

4. It Ensures No Post Slips Your Mind

Having a visual overview of what you want to post is a bulletproof way to ensure that you actually publish them. It reduces the risks of you or your team forgetting about important content and posting it with perfect timing. That way, no copy goes to waste.

5. It’s an Opportunity to Track How Your Posts Are Doing

Social media marketing can often be a matter of trial and error before you get it right. Having a social media calendar allows you to expedite the “trial” part to detect errors much faster and act on them. It lets you schedule your A/B test and, in turn, helps you figure out the best posting formula for your content. This way you can understand what’s working so that you can replicate it, and what’s not so that you can take action to fix it for your audience.

If you are looking for support to grow your social media presence, then contact me today and find out how I can grow your business through social media.

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