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An online minute

What Happens in a minute on the internet

Every minute there are simply millions of activities taking place around the world online. From online shopping to conversations, the internet is at the heart of nearly everything that we do.

This creates issues for marketers to stand out above the noise and the crowd in order to engage with their audiences. And this is only expected to become more difficult with more tweets, video views, emails being received, Facebook posts and more being created every minute.

So how do marketers break through the noise?

Most would say focus on customer pain points.

This is one way but can cause your posts to become repetitive as well as potentially alienating groups from your brand who don’t have these issues.

Vary your content. While you will be able to still target your customers pain points you will also be able to expand your reach with alternate groups with content that might be loosely related to your product. That will make you stand out.

Will it blend?

If you remember the “Will it blend videos?” on Youtube you will know what I mean.

They were a series of videos that took high end electronics or new releases such as iPhones, iPads and laptops and put them in a food blender to see whether they could withstand the forces.

Admittedly its starting to sound like a really extreme testing method for a tech blog. But the company behind the videos, Blendtec sold food blenders.

And they never actively promoted the blender in any of the videos. No prices. Just their logo in the background, a blender on the table and the line “Will it blend?” before destroying the items involved.

Yes. Blendtec has a website with all of the usual information on. Price, delivery, returns etc.

But of all the promotions that they did, a simple video of a blender blitzing tech is the most memorable and contributed hugely to their sales.

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