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Ad of the week: The Mouldy Whopper

The Mouldy Whopper

It’s probably the biggest ad you’ve seen this year so far

Also the most disgusting.

It is seemingly everywhere you look. If you have managed to avoid seeing it take a look below.

The Mouldy Whopper Ad courtesy of Burger King on Youtube

It is no surprise that people are talking about the ad, it is divisive, pokes fun at their competitors and is visually jolting.

It has split those who have seen it into lovers and haters.

Firstly, it has to be understood that the ad is not targeting everyone. It is targeting those people who have an understanding of the fast food industry and strong feelings/attitudes towards preservatives in food.

For these people their high level of awareness of what they eat, and for that they will love it. There are no artificial preservative and Burger King are inevitably poking fun at their biggest competitor by playing on the regular news of Macdonald’s burgers being mould-free months and years after they are sold.

Without the prior context or knowledge it is easy to be put off Whoppers for life.

So while the ad is likely to win copious numbers of awards and be remembered as one of the most divisive ads of recent times.

The true measure of success will be whether Burger King will see a significant jump in sales of both Whoppers and it’s other menu items at the expense of Macdonalds.

But as the old saying goes “Only time will tell”.

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