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Ad of the week: Stay at home

For a long time Guinness have been putting out awesome adverts ranging from the Guiness Surfer (1998) to the more recent Purse (2019).

The iconic Guiness Surfer Ad. Often regarded as one of the greatest ads of all time.

But it is often their low-cost and standalone reactive images that become iconic and talked about as much as their larger-budget counterparts.

Stay at home is one such image with a difference (come to that in a minute) and like most of their other reactive posts, plays on the iconic black and white contrast of a pint of Guinness.

Guinness Stay at Home Ad

In their latest use of this contrast, Guinness are urging people to stay at home during the current Coronavirus pandemic by using the a white sofa against the black background to clearly.

The simplicity is key, even without the logo in the middle you would still identify it as Guiness. It’s not over the top and stays on brand whilst getting people to talk about the problem of going out at this time and not self isolating.

So now the twist.

This wasn’t created by Guinness. It was created by Luke O’Reilly as part of a challenge put out by One Minute Briefs on Linkedin.

It is safe to say that Luke’s quick thinking and flawless execution has won him plaudits even if the recognition wasn’t initially his.

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