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Why a career in marketing

So this was my application video for The School of Marketing Founding 50. A group of like-minded under 30’s who had the sole mission of engaging young students with marketing.

Our applications were centred around why did we choose to pursue a career in marketing.

For me the answer was two-pronged.

Firstly I wanted to work with a wide variety of people who all had vastly different life experiences up to that point. Marketing isn’t a hugely closed-off industry to enter and by that I mean you don’t necessarily have to have a degree to get a role as a marketer.

So whilst I would have a degree (at the time of the recording) and then go on to do a Masters, I knew that I could be working alongside some of the huge numbers of marketers that don’t even have formal marketing qualifications and are still successful. I know people who have law, finance and maths degrees who have successful marketing careers. This suited me as we could learn from each other and work together to make a stronger team.

Secondly, it is an ever-changing industry that still holds true to historical elements. Whilst the technology and tools that are being used is changing, the basic outlook of marketing is the same now as it was fifty years ago. Which for me, this means that you are constantly kept on your toes to react to the next piece of technology that comes along. This flexibility and willingness to learn means that whilst marketing is seen as the “colouring-in department” in some organisations, the heavy lifting, trialling and re-trialling has gone unnoticed. And it is that heavy lifting that makes the visible aspects of marketing seem so effortless.

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