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Ad of the Week: The Quarantine Whopper

ClientBurger King France

Advertising in the current climate is no easy task.

While many companies are choosing to simply close their doors and weather the pandemic, therefore for these businesses there is little to advertise anyway. Those that continue to advertise have to walk a delicate line of sensitivity, and with a tremendous risk to their brand for those who mess up their messaging during this pandemic.

The fast-food market has been hit hard at this time.

Burger King France has boldly stepped up to take on the challenge, the result is notable for the fact that all Burger King locations are shut in France.

The ad from the Paris based agency Buzzman “Le Whopper de la Quarantine” or “Quarantine Whopper”, highlights the array of store-bought ingredients that fans of the chain can use to create imitations of the chains signature burger at home.

While he is proud of the ad and the response that it has received, global CMO Fernando Machado said that what is most important is that during this time brands should respond to the crisis in a substantial way.

Machado highlights how the brands under the Restaurant Brand International banner have reacted. Including Burger King giving childrens meals away, especially helpful to parent whose children might not have access to school meals now they are closed. Tim Hortons, another RBI brand, is giving coffee and baked good to healthcare professionals and first responders. Popeyes has been supporting the nonprofit No Kid Hungry.

Burger King France is already contributing more than just advertising, Machado felt it was appropriate to continue with the brand “fun, entertaining and a bit daring” tone with the Quarantine Whopper.

They have gone on to make three other versions of the ad incorporating other popular menu items:

The Steakhouse. Burger King Quarantine Whopper Campaign 2020
The Big Fish. Burger King Quarantine whopper campaign 2020.
The Big King. Burger King Quarantine Whopper Campaign 2020
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