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Ad of the Week: Till We Fly Again

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit nearly every industry heavily. One of those that have been struck particularly hard is the airline industry which generates billions for economies and employing thousands around the world.

The impact of quarantining periods and long term health worries in consumers is likely to extend this period of uncertainty for much longer than many other industries. So as you would expect, staying positive in the face of those facts is going to be difficult for many companies.

Cathay Pacific has had to cut back on its number of flights by 75% and has been one of the airlines that has been greatest hit during the pandemic.

However, with the current pandemic coinciding with two of the busiest holiday periods in the UK, so it is unsurprising that travelling is amongst the “top 5” most missed activities during lockdown.

Cathay Pacific has taken the opportunity to help people “Fly” even when we are still grounded. This is done through a social media campaign entitled ‘Till We Fly Again” and has been created with user-generated content that encourages people to find or recreate the wonders of the world at home. These have included the Sydney Opera House and Mount Fuji created out of household items.

Fans who submitted the most creative visuals received 12,000 Asia Miles that they could then redeem against a future trip to their photos destination.

This has garnered huge results for the brand with it being adapted across 16 markets and amassing over 10 million social media impressions, over 560,000 social views, over 100,000 positive engagement and the associated hashtag #TillWeFlyAgain continues to get images daily.

AgencyLeo Burnett Hong Kong
ClientCathay Pacific

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