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5 Branding Tips For Your New Website

Having an online web presence for your business is a great start in attracting new customers. Setting yourself apart from your competition is important. As is how your customers remember you.

Branding is a hugely important part of building a sustainable website and business. No matter how new it is.

Here are five quick tips for building your online brand, attracting new customers, nad more importantly keep them coming back for more.

Add a logo

A great logo makes a memorable first impression. Think of the iconic logos that make you instantly remember the whole brand.

Chupa Chups Logo
Apple Logo
Coca Cola Logo
Harley Davidson Logo
Disney Logo

Your logo should represent you or your business and resonate with your website visitors. You might also want to consider where else you are going to use your logo and how it will look in that location.

Use a custom domain.

Easy to remember. Your custom domain reinforces your brand and makes your URL memorable so that your visitors can easily find your website again. Plus nothing looks worse than seeing a jumble of letters and numbers for your online presence to be linked back to.

Choose the right design

Whether your website showcases photography or your personal style. Or if it is an educational site, travel blog or B2B site. Whatever your business is, having the right design is can make a huge difference in how your business can be perceived.

Remove Ads

One, ads can be distracting. Two, you will have no control over what ads being shown.

Choosing a subscription that removes ads from your site means that you can get your visitors undivided attention. Plus if you are a blog and you choose to monetise the site at a later date then you have more control over what ads you will show.

Secure your site

Having a secure website can be huge in gaining the trust of your customers especially if you have submission forms or offer the ability to make purchases r payments through the ste.

This helps you to keep hackers out, stay on the right side of local laws and present your business as somewhere that your target audience should be happy to deal with.

These 5 branding tips are easy to put into place with most website hosting platforms taking the stress out of doing them. Creating your logo and picking your design may need you to seek someone else to create it unless you are looking for simple designs which most website builders will have in abundance.

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