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8 signs your boss doesn’t understand marketing (and 8 signs they do)

How do you know if your boss/CEO/owner “gets” marketing?

Marketing is an unusual part of businesses. In one way or another, it is something that all businesses will need from day one. But it is often overlooked and seen as a cost to the business.

Having an owner/CEO who both publicly and internally values marketing can be huge.

So how do you know whether your hierarchy truly values marketing as a business function? Or whether they just say that they do without the actions to back it up.

Here are 8 signs that your CEO or owner doesn’t get marketing.

1) They hire marketing last.
2) They think marketing is advertising.
3) They think the best marketing asset is their wallet.
4) They ask the marketing head to tell the story.
5) They prefer to do marketing by consensus.
6) They want to serve everyone and anyone.
7) They focus on building the product first. “The best product always wins.”
8) They put lead gen before strategy. “We built this. Find us leads.”

And 8 signs that your CEO or owner truly values marketing

1) They hire marketing first.
2) They know marketing is everything.
3) They know the best marketing asset is themselves.
4) They live & breathe the company story.
5) They hire a marketing leader they trust & let them do their job.
6) They have a view on the market.
7) They define and develop the category first. “The audience always wins.”
8) They put strategy before lead gen. “This audience needs us. Let’s build something for them.”

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