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6 Best Ways To Promote Your Business On Social Media

Social media is a great place to increase your businesses brand awareness. It is not as expensive as some other ways of boosting your brand and it also helps to promote your business values. Many companies now choose to use social media as the main promotional tool within their marketing strategy. Here are six of the most important ways you can promote your business on social media.

Run social media contests

Contests on social media are important for high conversion rates. Customers love competing against each other to get a prize. While they are entering the competition, they will benefit your business too.
Some of the reasons why social media contests work:

  • They grow your number of followers quickly but surely, especially if you ask your followers to share your posts on their stories. Don’t forget about the ‘tag your friend’ part.
  • They generate brand awareness quickly because they teach other customers about your business. You could achieve that quicker by partnering with other businesses in the field.
  • They increase your customer email list. If that happens, you’ll get more people signed up for more promos more easily.
  • They help with customer engagement since wider exposure to branding can increase the target audience and diverse your demographics.

This is one of the best ways to reach more people in less time – it is a strategy that really works because (let’s be honest!) customers love getting free stuff.

Giveaways are the new trend

Giveaways work in the same way as contests. Here are the steps you need to follow for both of them:

  • Set the right goals. Make sure you know what your marketing campaign aims for. For example, if you’re aiming for 5,000 new followers, don’t settle for 2,000. Go for 5,000 and win that strategy.
  • Know what type of contest/giveaway you want to run. As I mentioned earlier, decide if you want your customers to share your page on their personal pages or simply share it to their story. Decide if you want them to follow someone else. Know what you’re going for.
  • Understand the rules and promote them accordingly. Check every website you’ll market on for contest rules. If you’re promoting on Instagram, ace those regulations. The same goes for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other platform you’re going for.

Don’t overdo it trying to promote your business on social media

Overpromoting is not a good idea either. You can easily fall into this trap and the outcomes won’t be pretty. If you are overdoing it, you’re taking away from your campaign’s strength. Overdoing it means you desperately need your customers to sign up, which can never provide a good outlook on your company. Write promotional posts as you wish but don’t forget about the content writing strategy. Content writing will boost your ranking if done right – and it’s not as obvious and needy.

If you’re not a content writing expert, you can always consult with one to help your company expand.

Video marketing to engage with your followers

Video marketing is one of the newest trends to promote your business on social media – not in the sense that it is truly new but in the sense that new research shows that it boosts your customer engagement rate quite quickly. Visual content is easy to follow and connects with your audience more quickly. Video works on social media because visuals are usually processed faster, bring about higher conversion rates, and are more social media-friendly than text-only posts. You might want to also try images and infographics just to test it out. You’ll get more clicks and followers much quicker.

Build your online community

Customers want to feel a sense of ownership and belonging. They want to know that their communities have their back. They want to feel included. If you can promote this properly, you can definitely bring more traffic to your website by using social media. Focus on including customers who share the same values and interests. Then, bring them together and help them share ideas and discuss products. Not only will this help your business reputation amongst your followers but will help your business increase its reach through your fans’ networks.

Bring value to your customers

One of the most important things to remember is that bringing value to your customers is crucial. As long as you can do that, they’ll come back. Use social media strategies that benefit them, spread the knowledge by helping them get what they want, help them find solutions to their needs by connecting to other people in your network. Whatever you do, ensure that your customers are on the right track, and that you’re continuously helping them succeed.

Promote your business on social media

Using a combination of these will boost your follower engagement, increase your reach and help you stand out from all of the other businesses trying to increase their brand awareness. Not sure how to promote your business on social media? Get in touch and we will be happy to help you grow your business online.

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