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The Business Advantage of Good Content Marketing

There is something special that makes content marketing stand out amongst the other modern marketing methods: it is very much sustainable.

When done well with a strategy behind it and relevancy within each individual piece. Content marketing offers the benefits of huge exponential growth, brand awareness and trust allowing you to win over prospects and convince leads, endear yourself to customers and help build a loyal base of brand advocates

Once you have your content marketing strategy in place it’s positive snowball effect is in action. Your online present gets bigger and more impactful over time. It becomes easier to achieve your marketing goals with future content because you already have the foundations in place including a vast content library of written and visual content

This is in contrast to traditional marketing. Advertising, even with today’s sophisticated digital ads, can create overexposure. Audiences become saturated with a brand promotions that offers no genuine value to the people you’re trying to build customer relationships with.

Content Resonates, Advertising Saturates

A critical factor in your content marketing is relevance. What are your customer’s challenges, pain points, and needs? That’s what you should be writing about, not producing a commercial for your brand. Well-written, insightful content draws your audience in and sets you up as a thought leader.

On the contrary, advertising, even digital ads, leads to overexposure and saturation. You haven’t attempted to build a relationship with your audience. Instead, you’ve only captured a story about your brand as the star with no room for the real hero, your customer.

To sum it up, as I said a few years ago, the right content is “a vehicle that can deliver us from the throes of the ‘death by SPAM’ illness that still persists in many marketing organizations.”

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