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Why Your Business Benefits From Having A New Website

If you are looking for a new website, it is normally down to two reasons. You are either looking for a completely new website for a business with no online presence, or you are looking to just update an existing website. The choice between a template site and a bespoke site can be tricky and ensuring you make the right choice for your business is vital.

So Why Choose a Bespoke Site?

A bespoke website is researched, marketed, designed and developed entirely for your business specifically. This means that before the website is built, I properly research your company and business so that they can create a proposal that will help you to achieve your objectives and business aims.


Choosing a bespoke site means that no other site will be the same as yours! It is your chance to set yourself apart from your competitors and it will showcase your business in exactly the way you want it to.

Above and Beyond

You will be able to choose as much functionality as you want. Your site will be able to do whatever you want it to do and there are some pretty cool modules these days. From colour swatches to social media and payment integrations, the options are endless.

Dedicated Design

As part of your project, I will speak to you about what you do and don’t like and ask you to supply some initial ideas which they can then expand. It is a good idea to have some example sites that you like the look of.

The design of your site is entirely up to you, how you want it to look and feel, what colourways you want to choose and what imagery you want to represent your brand. But if you’re struggling then your designer will be there to help guide you. Take your time in making the decision because the look and feel of a brand and website leave lasting first impressions.

Picking a bespoke website gives you far more flexibility over the look and feel of your site, the options for functionality are endless and it will allow your website to grow along with your business. But getting some expert advice about what would be best suited to you before you embark on your new venture is a good idea. Why not get in touch and see how your business can benefit from a new website?

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