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What Is Social Media Engagement?

One of the most effective ways of promoting your business is using social media to build an online presence and let your target audience know that you’re ready for business. With social media, you can develop brand awareness, grow your business and make genuine connections with people who are interested in your product or service. One of the key measurement points is the level of social media engagement.

So what is social media engagement and how can you look at yours? By engagement we mean how many likes, comments and shares your posts are getting. Even the length of time that viewers spend watching your videos can be measured on a lot of platforms. These metrics go beyond ‘impressions’. This is because your audience has had to take additional action other than scrolling past your content.

Different platforms use different terms. On Twitter, for example, to share something you ‘Retweet’. On Instagram you ‘Repost’ and on Facebook you ‘Share’. They’re essentially the same but use different terminology.

It’s important that you aim for good quality engagement, as this is proof that what you’re doing is interesting to your audience. This will not only increase your audience participation but platform algorithms will look more favourably on your future content. Over long periods of time, continuing to provide high-quality content will help Facebook (or whatever else you’re using) understand your business. The site’s algorithm will begin to recognise your posts as being more relevant and interesting to that particular audience and may begin recommending you for more related searches.

Another interesting point worth discussing is looking at who is engaging with your posts. If someone is constantly engaging with your posts it could suggest they’re interested in your product or service and might need that extra nudge to turn them into a sale. Ultimately, the most likely reason you’re doing this is to increase the visibility of your brand and create new leads for sales.

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