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Twitter Blue Relaunched: More Features But A Monthly Subscription

Twitter Blue has been relaunched in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Here’s what you’ll get for $11/month (or $8 if you sign up on the website):

  •  A blue tick (subject to manual verification)
  •  Edit tweet function
  •  1080p videos
  •  Reader Mode – a simplified & easier to read layout

Twitter has also confirmed that users will temporarily lose their blue tick pending re-verification if they change their profile picture, handle or display name.What do you think of these changes to Twitter Blue?

Does this mean the existing version of Twitter Blue is going away?

The existing version of Twitter Blue will no longer be available for new subscribers. Existing subscribers can cancel at any time on the platform they subscribed on, and will be provided with information about when their existing subscriptions will automatically expire. 

What is Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue is an opt-in, paid monthly subscription that adds a blue checkmark to your account and offers early access to select new features, like Edit Tweet. 

Does this mean the free version of Twitter is going away?

Free Twitter isn’t going away. Twitter Blue simply offers an opt-in layer of customization for your Twitter experience.

Is Twitter Blue ad-free?

Like the existing Twitter Blue subscription, our $7.99/month subscription doesn’t currently offer an ad-free experience, although we are working on a feature that will reduce the number of ads you see. 

Why isn’t Twitter Blue ad-free?

Twitter Blue is a completely opt-in experience, and these initial features were designed for a specific segment of engaged users. Ultimately our goal is to provide enough value through premium features that people feel it is worth paying for. And we hope to offer fewer ads for Twitter Blue subscribers in the future.

Sign up to Twitter Blue here.

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