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Are SEO Keywords Case Sensitive?

Keywords are an important part of SEO, so much so, that you cannot perform SEO without them. Brands and website owners make use of keywords for content creation which is then used for SEO. On the other hand, customers use keywords to search for products and services on search engines.

Are SEO keywords case-sensitive? This is the question that comes up often about keywords. In this article, I will answer it for you once and for all.

Many people believe that keywords are case sensitive and they affect the way SEO works. But how much of it is true? Let’s find that out.

What Are SEO Keywords?

SEO keywords can either be single words or phrases that are used in your content. Using the right keywords makes it easier for your customers to find you in search engines. This is why keywords make an important element for SEO.

The keywords you use should be relevant to your brand, products, and services. Also, you need to know what customers are looking for.

To make your keywords more effective, you should use them smartly, naturally and in a creative way. This will help you improve the visibility of your website.

Why Keywords Are Important For SEO?

Google pays a lot of attention to keywords. Since Google happens to be the topmost search engine, you better focus on the keywords you use in your website content.

There are two main reasons why keywords are important for SEO:

  1. Keywords provide clues that help us know what people want and thus, it helps brands to better meet their needs.
  2. It provides a “bullseye” that helps marketers know where to aim their content.

By using relevant keywords in your content, you help your SEO strategy and make it successful. SEO experts conduct keyword research to find the best keywords. They then place the keywords in the right places in your content to make it efficient.

Are Keywords Case Sensitive?

Now coming to the main question, whether keywords are case sensitive or not.

Well, to put it simply, keywords are not case-sensitive. I am not saying this, but Google itself says this. In Google Adwords there is no need for you to use two separate keywords for different cases. 

No matter, whether you search the keyword in upper case or lower case, the search engine will give you the same results. Google Adwords is not case-sensitive and therefore, it won’t affect the search results. Keywords are matched without regard to lowercase and uppercase letters.

Just so you know Google understands keywords that are exact matches. It even considers the keywords that are relevant or close to the original keyword. For example, if you are using capitalized tags in your title and a user searches for the keyword with exact capitalization, the search results will be the same.

In general, it is said that Google gives a low priority to phrases and words in all-caps. The search engine mainly focuses on properly capitalized words and phrases. It is often considered that all-caps sentences are of poor quality content.

However, when you are writing your sales copy and use a noun in lowercase because it is a keyword, you shouldn’t do that. That’s because when people read it, they will assume it is a typo error which will give a bad impression about your website. Not to forget, your writing will be seen and read by millions of users when you put it out on the net. 

Are Negative Keywords Case Sensitive?

Not even negative keywords are case-sensitive. You can use different cases, but it still won’t make any difference. That’s because the system reads all cases as the same including both lower and upper cases. This also means that you will be able to drive the same amount of traffic to your website regardless of the cases you have used.


Regardless of how you are using your keywords, making sure that they meet your searchers’ queries is more important than worrying about whether your keywords are capitalised or not. In fact, spending the extra time that you would spend duplicating and editing keywords would be better spent optimising your campaigns, and as you get more data in your PPC account you can evolve your keywords further to increase performance. To discuss getting help with this, book a call here.

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