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Optimise Your Image Names To Unlock More Rankings

Small things can have a big difference on the visibility of your website.

Search engines can and do read the names of your images. So if your image name is IMG_5938.JPG or WhatsApp Image 2023-04-15 at 11.19.22.jpeg there are a couple of reasons to change the name before uploading them to your website.

Not only does optimising your image filenames make it easier for search engines to understand your images, but it also creates opportunities for your website and images to rank in Google Images searches as well as the regular search results.

Rather unimaginatively I would name the image below ‘angry-ginger-cat.jpg’.

An angry ginger cat frowning at the camera.

This might seem like a simple change to make but it improves the level of information you are providing search engines about your website content and it is also an effective way of increasing the number of visitors and customers especially if you sell physical products online.

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