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Why Website White Space Is Your Friend

The expectations and performance requirements of websites have changed a lot over the last decade. One of the biggest has been the advent and demand for white space. White space is good. White space is your friend. But more often than not a conversation takes place that goes along the lines of this;

Client: “There’s too much white space”

Web Designer: Loses his mind

White space is your friend, and here’s why 👇

⚪️ Increases attention – You can use whitespace to your advantage, taking the user on the visual journey you want them to take.

⚪️ Increases content legibility – No cluttered design = design/information easier to understand instantly.

⚪️ Improves interaction – Visitors skim websites so the whitespace increases interaction by preventing distractions from slowing the visitor down.

⚪️ Enhance user experience – Whitespace can create a more luxurious experience for your user.

Research suggests that whitespace increases comprehension by almost 20%.

The question is, do you have enough white space on your website?

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