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Today’s Sales Pipeline is Last Month’s Marketing

The sales problem you have today is a marketing problem you had 6 months ago but didn’t address.

Much like people who only think about insurance AFTER something goes wrong, marketers across the land are faced with this daily.

“Right guys, these ads need to start delivering hundreds of new customers by tomorrow. The budget is £11.50.”

Hold your horses there.
That isn’t how this dance goes.

The funny thing about a sales pipeline is that they dry up pretty fast when there isn’t a tap switched on at the top.

Would you walk the streets grabbing people by the scruff of the neck and asking them to sleep with you?

No. You do the sensible thing.

You compliment them. Take them to Nando’s. Show them your Pokémon card collection.

And when they simply can’t resist your allure any longer, that’s when you light some candles, put on some Marvin Gaye, and let nature take its course.

The businesses reaping all the benefits now aren’t “lucky”.

They’re the ones who recognised that they would run into a problem and started the work long before they needed it.

Think bigger than the next 30 days. Your business will reward you.

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