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What Businesses Are Best Suited To Use PPC?

PPC can be seen as a minefield. Which avenue do you choose? Google? Bing? or do you choose to make use of paid social instead?

For the most part, businesses looking to use PPC to drive their business growth lean toward advertising on search engines such as Google. But which businesses are best suited to use PPC to fuel their growth?

I often find that the businesses I most commonly recommend PPC advertising to are a 50/50 split between established businesses who are looking to drive more growth for their business, and new businesses who are looking to make inroads into an established market quickly.

Both of these types of businesses do very well but it has to be backed up by a sizeable budget that can be committed to. I’ve found that some industries ten years ago were limited in the uptake of paid advertising whereas now, because it is much more well-known and understood, the competition online is much greater.

The increased competition for PPC places online has also meant that the allocation of budget is more important than ever. But so does making use of experience and understanding of how best to make use of the many PPC options that are available online.

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