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Why adaptability is key in marketing?

If someone asks you what social platforms your business or brand are on how many can you name?

You’ll more than likely say some combination of the following if you’re in the UK.








So as a business do you adapt your content to suite each platform?

If you don’t you are missing out on a huge opportunity to capitalise on the unique reach of each platform.

Twitter allows 280 characters so don’t post the same as you would on LinkedIn which allows 1300 characters for personal posts

TikTok is focused on 30-second videos so you can’t repost directly on Byte which only allows 6 second videos

You can post the same content on different platforms but adapting is the key.

A Youtube video can be cross-posted to LinkedIn with a longer caption. Short entertaining videos on TikTok can be downloaded trimmed and reposted to Byte.

So whilst technology allows us to be on all of these platforms and more. Being able to actively engage and maintain a relatistic presence on each cna be more difficult.

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