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How to get a custom Youtube URL for your business in 2020

Why is a custom Youtube URL important?

Having an easy to search for website URL is important, we all know that. How else are your customer meant to find you quickly online?

But did you know you can have a custom Youtube URL for your channel? Crucially it can be just as important for your digital marketing efforts as your website URL. It is searchable within Google and makes it easy for your followers on your other channels to find you.

If you have never edited your YouTube channel URL, you will still be using the standard URL that Youtube gives you when you sign up for your channel. This uses your unique channel ID and generally looks like a huge jumble of letters and numbers. Which in other words is impossible to remember.

This is what a standard Youtube URL looks like:

What is a Custom Youtube URL?

A custom URL is shorter than your standard URL and is a lot easier to remember. This custom URL can be shared with your audience and will often be your channel name. But it can be based on anything personalized to you (i.e display name, username, etc).

Just remember; Once you select a custom URL, it cannot be changed!

Are you eligible for a custom URL?

To be eligible for a custom URL your account needs to meet all of these requirements:

  • Have 100 subscribers or more ✅
  • Be at least 30 days old ✅
  • Have uploaded a photo as a channel icon ✅
  • Have uploaded a channel art ✅

Once you meet these criteria you can get a custom Youtube URL.

How to set up your custom Youtube URL

1. Sign in to YouTube

Youtube Settings screenshot

2. Go to your Advanced Account Settings

Youtube Advanced Account Settings Screenshot

3. Under “Channel settings” select the link next to “You’re eligible for a custom URL” (note: you’ll only see this link if your channel meets the above requirements and is eligible)

Youtube Custom URL screenshot

4. You’ll see a “Get a custom URL” box where the custom URL(s) you’ve been approved for will appear (note: although you cannot change the part in the grey box, you can add a few letters or numbers to make the URL special to you)

5. Read the “Custom URL Terms of Use” and select the box to agree

6. Click “Change URL”

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