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Ad of the Week: Creativity goes on

Apple founder Steve Jobs once said that “Creativity is just connecting things.” He was specifically celebrating the way that a diverse range of experiences can fuel the creative process which without “enough dots to connect, would cause your thinking to become too linear and too isolated.
So what would he say if almost all traditional connections were severed because of a single global pandemic?
Jobs would more than likely point to the thriving creativity of people to create a whole host of new connections – predominantly fueled by the devices and technology that his company has created.
So if there is one thing that is true about the pandemic, it is that it hasn’t put a damper on people’s creativity. This is evident through all of the ideas that make up Apple’s new pandemic inspired advert.

Coronavirus: Managing Your Businesses Online Presence

For business owners, employees and customers the current Coronavirus pandemic means that very little is operating as normal.
Customers are wondering whether you are open or not, if you have products available, if those products are safe etc.
There are several steps that you can take in the short term to make sure that your customers can get the answers they want and need when searching online.

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